Renegade BBS is a DOS based Bulletin Board System.

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Renegade BBS software development has changed hands several times.  Often,
Renegade BBS has been taken over by people who can't program and take the credit of
others. That is the case currently with
It's best for you to pick the version that works for you.

Current sourcecode is on github. Rg has been ported to 32bit by Rick Parrish.
  • Rick Parrish's Renegade v1.19 32bit port || Rick Parrish's Y2Ka2 32 bit port
  • Renegade v119 src || Renegade y2k src
  • UNOFFICIAL RENEGADE v1.20/DOS FULL || Unofficial Rg v1.25 Full Unzipped
  • Lee Woodridge's Renegade work (Github)
  • Ignatius' Renegade Build for linux
  • Linux Perl dosbox telnet server for rg. probably one of the easier, better ways to run rg on linux author: Nicholas DeClario
  • A guy made a renegade bbs docker image. Don't use it. It's poorly setup.

    Renegade BBS is PUBLIC DOMAIN Legacy BBS Software. There is no rightful owner of Renegade other than Cott Lang.