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^0Renegade Menu Command Listing Misc Doors -C Display Message DC Chain.Txt (Wwiv) Door -F Display Text File (w/ MCI Codes) DD Dorinfo1.Def (Rbbs) Door /F Display Text File (w/o MCI Codes) DG Door.Sys (Gap) Door -L Displays Line of Text DS Sfdoors.Dat (Spitfire) Door -N Ask Question, Default No DW Callinfo.BBS (Wildcat) Door -Q Read An Infoform DP Pcboard.Sys (Pcboard) Door -R Read Infoform Answers D- Door w/ No Interface File -S Add Line to Sysop Log -Y Ask Question, Default Yes Hangup -; Execute Macro HC Careful Logoff -$ Prompt For Password HI Immediate Logoff -^ Goto Menu HM Display String And Logoff -/ Gosub Menu -\ Return From Menu Batch Archive BC Clear Batch Queue [U=Uploads] AA Add Files to Archive BD Download Batch Queue AC Convert Archive BL List Batch Queue [U=Uploads] AE Extract Files From Archive BR Remove File From Queue [U=Uploads] AG Manipulate Extracted Files BU Upload Queue AM Modify Comments B? List Files In Batch Queue AR Rearchive Files AT Run Integrity Tests Automessage UA Reply to Automessage Files UR Read Automessage FA Change File Area [L=Lst,+,-] UW Write Automessage FB Add File to Batch FC Start FILES.BBS Importing FD Download a File Messages FF Search For a Description MA Change Message Area [L=Lst,+,-] FL List Files ME Send Private Email FN Newscan Files [C=Crnt,G=Glob] MK Edit/Delete Outgoing Mail FP Change Pointer Date ML Send Mass Mail FS Search For a Filespec MM Read Private Mail FU Upload a File MN Newscan Messages [C=Crnt,G=Glob] FV View An Archive MP Post a Message FZ Set File Areas to Newscan MR Read Messages F@ Create Temporary Directory MS Scan Messages F# Change File Area MU List Users w/ Access to Base MY Scan For Personal Messages Sysop MZ Set Message Bases to Scan *B Message Base Editor M# Change Message Base *C Change to Another User *D Enter Pseudo-Dos Offline Mail *E Event Editor !P Set Message Pointers *F File Base Editor !D Download a .Qwk Packet *L Show Sysop Logs !U Upload a .Rep Packet *N Edit a Text File *P System Config Editor Other *R Conference Editor O1 Shuttle: Ask For BBS Password *U User Editor O2 Shuttle: Apply As New User *V Voting Editor O3 Shuttle; Password Prompt *X Protocol Editor OA Autovalidation [Password] *Z System Activity Log OC Page The Sysop *1 Edit Files In File Area OE Pause Screen *2 Sort Files OF Toggles AR Flag [+-! AR Flag] *3 Read All Private Mail OG Toggles AC Flag [+-! AC Flag] *4 Download Any File OL List Today's Callers *5 Recheck File Sizes/Avail ON Clear Screen *6 Upload Locally OP Modify User Info [Name, Age, Etc] *7 Validate Files OQ Quit & Save User Info [Newinfo.Mnu] *8 Add GIF Specs to Files OR Join a Conference *9 Pack Message Bases OS System Bulletins *# Menu Editor OU Complete User Listing *$ Full Directory *% Condensed Directory Read Prompt Voting R# Message Number V# Vote On a Topic Number R- Read Previous Message VA Add a Voting Topic RA Read Message Again VL List Voting Topics RB Back In Thread VR Results of a Topic RC Continuous Read VU Users Who Voted On a Topic RD Delete Message (Owner Only) VT Track a User's Votes RE Edit Message (Owner Only) VV Vote On All Unvoted Topics RF Forward In Thread RG Goto Next Base Multinode RH Highread Pointer Set NA Toggle Page Availability RI Ignore Remaining ND Recycle/Take Down a Node RL List Messages NG Join Group Chat RM Move Message (Msg Sysop Only) NO Online Users Listing RN Next Message NP Page Another User For Chat RQ Quit Reading NS Send Message to Node RR Reply to Message NT Toggle Stealth On/Off RT Toggle Newscan NW Set Node's Current Activity RU Edit Author (Sysop Only) RX Extract Message (Co-sysop Only) Time Bank $D Deposit Time File Prompt $W Withdraw Time L1 Continue Listing L2 Quit Listing Credit L3 Next File Base $- Decrease Balance L4 Toggle Newscan of Base $+ Increase Balance L5 File Tag Single D/L L6 File Tag Batch D/L BBS Listings TA Add to BBS List TE Edit BBS List TD Remove BBS from List TV "Short View" of BBS List TX "Extended View" of BBS List